Technologies & Products

Lasers and Lidars

Fibertek delivers discriminating laser and lidar systems with uncompromising reliability and performance for space and defense customers.

We provide enabling technologies for a range of missions

3D imaging, trace gas sensing, tracking, navigation aids, ranging, altimetry, hazard avoidance, cloud and aerosol detection, beacon and tracking illumination and free space optical communication

Our technologies are tailored for application specific requirements

Our systems are fielded on a wide range of platforms in challenging environments

Laser Communication

Fibertek’s laser communication technology encompasses full laser communication terminals, modems and high-performance optical amplifiers

Our laser communication terminals and supporting subsystems enable multiple mission architectures

Optical downlinks, uplink and cross-link capabilities for a range of architectures including mesh networks, ultra-long-distance data relays, Position Navigation & Timing, high speed Tbps, low latency assured links

We provide tailored technologies for application specific requirements

Fibertek’s laser communication systems utilize space-qualifiable technologies and designs for missions across the space spectrum, LEO, MEO, GEO, deep space, cis-lunar and lunar

Wide range of space environments and reliability requirements, from low-cost demo missions to high reliability operational missions

Advanced Development

Fibertek is a recognized leader in advanced laser development, constantly pushing the state-of-the-art in laser performance.

Fibertek’s laser Research & Development covers a broad range of laser technologies

Solid-State Lasers, Fiber Lasers and amplifiers, Non-Linear Optics, Quantum Optics and Remote Sensing Technologies 

Our laser R&D programs often involve significant advancements in laser capabilities utilizing novel designs, materials and techniques

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