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Mission Enabling Technologies

Laser-based sensing and communication anywhere in the solar system

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Critical small-business support to NASA and national defense communities

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Careers at

Working together to develop innovative solutions

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Technologies & Products


Fibertek is a leader in laser systems designed for military and aerospace applications, with over 100 custom systems delivered enabling laser and lidar missions in terrestrial, maritime, air and space environments.

Freespace Optical LASER Communications

Our laser communications terminals are designed for reliable high-bandwidth communications in a low size, weight, and power configuration enabling new mission capabilities with applicability in LEO, GEO, and deep space missions.

Advanced LASER Development

Fibertek is a recognized leader in the engineering of new laser systems and technologies based on solid-state and fiber system architectures with custom-tailored properties (power, pulse format, beam properties, etc.) across the spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths.
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